No Basic Change_


Theo Semper

Release Date

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I hate change. It annoys me. It confuses me. It throws me off my game. When I find something that works for me I stick with it until it doesn't work anymore.

For example; I only use Degree deodorant. Given the choice, I only shave with Neutrogena Skin Clearing shave cream. I only run in Asics running shoes.

I go to the same barber at the same barbershop because I don't have to tell him how to cut my hair. He knows how I want it done. He knows where my bald spot is and how to disguise it.

I like Basic 4 breakfast cereal and I know exactly where to find it on the shelf.

Well, I used to know where to find it until Kroger decided to change up everything. I used to be able to do my groceries in no time flat, because I knew what I want and I where to find it. I still know what I want but I no longer know where to find it.

Kroger, in their infinite wisdom, decided to mess with me today. All I wanted was some fruit, milk, aluminum foil and heavens forbid, a box of Basic 4.

I managed to find everything else relatively easily. But it was an expedition to find the cereal aisle. It then took me another eighteen and a half minutes going through each and every cereal box trying to find a box of Basic 4.

Did I find it? No! No, I did not!

Why? Because Kroger Food Stores decided to change up the store layout. On top of that neither I, nor the store clerk could locate a single box of Basic 4. So I was forced to change. Kroger, the evil food store, forced me to settle for Muesli. What is Muesli anyway?

It looks like Basic 4_but it is not the same!

Change. It's not permanent. I'm going to Wal-Mart tomorrow in search of my favourite cereal.

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