Montserrat Sending Reggae Vibes to the World: Upcoming Artiste Sample Soon to Debut First Track


Jeevan A. Robinson - MNI Media

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Sunday, April 8, 2018


In January of 2018, I received a call. During that call I was informed that something big is on the way, and I was further informed that it’s going to be great.

The individual with whom I spoke was Mr Deryck Semper, also known as “Halloman” the CEO of Chuch-Gut Entertainment. His conversation had to do with priming MNI Media for the artiste known as Sample, who will be coming out to the public very soon with his offerings in the reggae music genre.

What pleases me most about writing this piece on Sample, is that the young man in question, who is now sharing his vast musical talents in the areas of both production, writing and singing with the public, is someone whom I have known for many years being from the same area of Montserrat and having both being members of the same Church.

Admittedly, I was not aware that the brother Sample, who’s given birth name is Jared Daly was so talented musically, but during that call in January when Deryck shared with me some samples that the artiste was working on, I was impressed and could not wait for the opportunity to share in spreading the news about the Artiste named Sample with the world.

MNI Media understands that Sample’s natural instinct was to keep producing in silent and not be too public on the music scene. However, his versatile talents as a singer/songwriter had to be shared with the reggae fraternity, and by extension the wider world. This Montserrat born artiste’s musical development has taken him from the tiny village of Harris, in the Eastern part of Montserrat, to the home of reggae music itself - Jamaica, and eventually leading him finally to the United Kingdom where he now resides. So what is Sample’s musical background? 

I can attest to the fact that Sample started singing as a young man at St George’s Church from the age of 8. He continued his musical development by singing in school choirs throughout his school years. He then started writing soon after completing secondary school as a way to express and explore his personal, political and social consciousness. His earliest musical influences came from Montserrat Soca/Calypso performers such as Hero, Tabu, and Wrangler.

However, his love of reggae came at a later stage in his life. After his life on Montserrat was uprooted due to volcanic activity, he spent a significant portion of his time out of Montserrat residing in Jamaica. Whilst there, he was not only influenced by the music in the reggae capital of the world, but was totally immersed in, and captivated by the music of artists like Garnett Silk, Spragga Benz and Bushman. His experiences there deepened his social conscientiousness, and his will to express himself through music.

Sample tells us that he recorded his first track, “Love is the Answer” in his bedroom using a home built computer, which he himself had put together from recycled parts. The brother is deeply versatile and skilled no doubt!

Presently, Sample is signed on to showcasing his talents via Chuch-Gut Entertainment on an upcoming track titled “What Is Mine” to be released April 2018.

Listen to a teaser of the track via MNI below: 

Look out for more on this track via MNI Media when released!

MNI Media wishes Sample all the best as he grows his music career even further. We will most certainly be keeping you updated on his progress.

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