Montserrat's Election 2019 May Well See Donald Trump-like "Trumpists" Sporting Their Brand of Bullshit Seeking to Fool Voters


Jeevan A. Robinson - MNI Media

Release Date

Tuesday, April 2, 2019


It has not been lost on MNI, that what we refer to as "Trumpism" will raise its ugly head in these upcoming 2019 Montserrat elections.

It is amusing, MNI must admit, the number of so-called anti U.S President Donald Trump "trumpeters" who operate within the Montserrat related political conversations. Yet, MNI has also observed the direct support they share for Trump-like utterings and undertakings within their very own local political sphere. These are some of the same relevance seeking souls who would berate persons for denouncing certain positions on key national issues, but yet offer full support of the very same dereliction of standards and progressive intent because it is their friends involved. What can MNI say really? Except that a hypocrite calling the kettle black must most certainly recognise its very own image, even in the darkest of nights.  

For these upcoming Montserrat elections, the bullshitters-in-chief, and the deniers of progress are already hard at work. Excusing and justifying basic modes of decorum as to the protection of our national Institutions and the likes, so as to assure that their political surrogacy is beamed brightly for the political aspirants they support. We all support our friends I suppose. 

They will excuse every and anything with every conceivable slant, for some of them are less interested in the substance of the matter at hand, but instead engage in the Trump-like personality politics of attacking the messenger, and focusing less on the message and the issue at hand. 

What MNI has noticed also, is that these Trumpists are comprised of a certain cabal of older men primarily. Some of whom have been given an opportunity to contribute to Montserrat's progress and growth and have failed horribly and miserably at it.  They now stand back, having being given a chance to shine, and denounce and speak all manner of negativity against their own country day in, day out. No progressive ideals to put forward, just more bullshit upon more bullshit. Then, when that does not garner them the attention they crave, they excuse and support dereliction of standards within our institutions primed to support and progress our country. Lovers of Montserrat they call themselves these days. 

Some of these individuals, like Trump, will tell the world how much they are about progress and development - while they would hardly support many things because of the personalities involved, rather than take on board the messages being relayed.

But that has been the type of engagement MNI has noticed is commonplace on Montserrat, where most persons are deeply personal on everything. The moment you speak out against something, you are deemed as being against someone and such churlish nonsense.

Substance is denied and reasoning is often excused in favour of attacks on the messenger.  That display is the epitome of Trumpism, and we will most certainly see more of it this election season. 

The silly season indeed is certainly upon us and the "Trumpists" as I will refer to them from here on in, are out in force to bullshit the people for the political positions they are hoping to attain once their mates fool the people into voting for them. 

I sincerely hope the people will not be fooled in these elections to come,  for some of these whom MNI sees as running for political leadership and the surrogates who they are aligned with, I would never trust to even lead my Windy Hill goats to pasture, much less feed them grass.

Note: Jeevan A. Robinson is Editor-in-Chief of Marketing, News & Information Media - MNI Media. He can be reached at

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