Men Stand Up! Women Chill!

Men Stand Up! Women Chill!

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Monday, January 14, 2013


I think it's about time that we all recognize that Women and Men are equals.

I applaud the achievements of women activist groups and organizations that have brought about all the positive changes with regards to equal rights among the sexes: an end to almost everything that was wrong in how women were viewed and treated in the past. Yes, there are some things that still need to be appropriately addressed, but in time I am optimistic that this will happen. However, I feel that with the progress of women's status in society, there has also come about a bit of an ugly side effect. In some ways, the new attitudes of the modern woman and the somewhat stagnated attitudes of men have negatively affected the man-woman relationship.

Women traditionally concentrated on the needs of the family in the home, while men concentrated on the income, finances, and the heavy, physical, dirty duties. There seemed to be a balance of what they each brought to the table, and an appreciation of such. Nowadays, women have taken on a more expanded role; all they did before, plus becoming fellow bread winners. Men on the other hand have not added much, if anything, of what is still seen as women's work. There has therefore been a significant shift in the dynamics of the relationship between men and women: women no longer have much appreciation and respect for men since we now, in comparison to the modern woman, bring less to the table.

I'm not trying to blame either sex for what is happening today. I'm just stating an observation. Both men and women have found themselves on the crappy ends of the stick. We men have been complacent and oblivious to our diminishing status in society and our relationships, and women, because you feel overwhelmed, are looking around and wondering, Where have all the good men gone? Men have been arrogantly blind to what has being happening and the collective male ego has ignored the fact that the woman's role in society has significantly evolved, resulting in a harmful imbalance.

We men have failed to Step Up! Stepping Up in this instance is really what most of us view as stepping down: taking on some of what was traditionally viewed as women's work. Men, it cannot be viewed as stepping down, as the former role of women was not inferior. It is now about becoming every bit our women's equals. It's becoming every bit as capable with everything a woman can do by herself today. Then, when you have no shortcomings to apologize for, you'll be able to step confidently to her as her equal. She will have nothing over you, and you will then be able to take your balls back from her and stand your ground on issues. There will be arguments, but in the end, women will know that they are in relationships with Men, not just a penises, and they will come to respect us again. With their respect for us returned, they can love us in the way we truly desire: the way a woman should love and regard a man, and vice versa.

Ladies, if you want to preserve a shred of hope that we will eventually get with it, step up, and become the Men you need us to be, it is within your own interest to continue treating us as Men, even when it seems we don't deserve to be treated as such. Stop treating us as extensions of the only thing we are left to believe is important to you: our penises and our financial support. Stop seeing us as robots: unfeeling things that you can criticize and pick to pieces without simultaneously stripping us of our confidence, dignity and pride. All too often, you then have the audacity to turn around and expect us to be confident caretakers and decision makers. Stop treating us as fixer-uppers; property that is seen as having great potential, and is purchased to be fixed up and improved to the specifications of the owner's vision and desires. In other words, you want the magnificent, perfect house you can't afford but are forced to settle with the one you can afford, with the intention of making it into what you originally desired. That's one thing to do to a house, but quite another thing to do to a man who falls for you thinking that you love him as he is, only to be picked to pieces and broken down, just so you can hope to make him into what you really wanted. Would you want a man to do that to you, the fragile, insecure, vain, creatures that you are? Ironically, we would never have the chance of doing that to you, because you do that to yourselves and each other so unnecessarily. When a man takes a woman as his love, most often he takes her as his prize; desired and perfect.

No Love can exist without mutual respect, admiration, and appreciation. With the current trends, Men are being emasculated by the women they love and Women have taken charge of the relationships and households. Men are allowing themselves to be castrated by the majority of Women who are often frustrated and overwhelmed, but also a bit drunk on their own empowerment. Then all we become as men are fellow bread earners and penises who are still expected to be confident, assertive, in control, manly men.

It is time to regain harmony and fulfillment among the sexes!

Men! Step Up! _.Women! Please Chill?

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