Memories Of Trinidad's Carnival: Fete & More Fete!

mTrinidad and Tobago Carnival 2011

Dee S Jeffers

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Saturday, March 19, 2011


I wonder! Is it too late to mention Trinidad's Carnival, 2011? I actually got a chance to finally go, could you believe it! Well actually, I can't even believe that I went too! I sweated & palanced and now I'm back!

I am back and still elevated from the events that unfolded - yes I'm still A.O.A (above our atmosphere) & long may it last! I touched down in Trinidad the Thursday and had a good sleep that night. Then from about 5:00AM Friday morning it was all systems go go go! I did not stop for love, money or rest - it was mad pace - you just got to love carnival!

So I went to a few fetes - I feel the fetes were the highlight of the season you know. My feting kicked off with the Silent Morning Boat Ride. I enjoyed that one; a cool, friendly, beautiful crowd and sweet music can't done! We had our cooler with us so we had tons of drinks on tap. At one point on deck, I took a brief respite from whining to look out to sea as we sailed ever so smoothly along our route and I thought, Gosh this must be the closest thing to heaven on earth! A total out of body experience people! An absolute A.O.A moment!

We got off the boat with a few hours to spare to get ready for Girl Power! Think Girl Power and think of all the drinks you want to drink on tap and all the delicious food you want to eat! To be honest, I don't know if it was excitement or heat exhaustion, as I didn't have much of an appetite at all so I didn't eat much. I am regretting it now because the food did look particularly delicious. Girl Power was a blooming good fete!

Denise Belfon, Swappi, Kes & Machel. Yup! They were all there and I don't know how they did it but they gave performances like it was their first for the night! STAMINA!! In my adrenaline pumped, single barrel rum and coconut water filled body, I seem to recall leaving the venue at the crazy hour of 7.30AM Saturday morning. I can't remember if I slept or not because before you know it, I was getting dressed for Penny's fete.

Now Penny's is on a whole different level; laid back, chilled out and completely sublime. I really enjoyed this fete. The food was yum the crab and dumpling - hmmm the dumpling was like silk, the crab sweet like honey. The crowd was mature and fantastic. There was an amazing iron band that had everyone swaying and whining like there was no tomorrow. This was not really a palancing type of fete though I love a good palance I absolutely enjoyed Penny's!

Penny's finished around 11:00PM then we decided it was wise to catch up on some zzs as Sunday morning 5:00AM would see us setting off to the Vale breakfast fete! We had to get there before the sun rose on the valley apparently and I had to be prepared for the intense heat that would ensue, I was told. But lucky for me and for all of us in fact, there was a good bit of cloud cover that protected our skins from being baked by the early morning rays. By 11:00AM though the clouds were almost all gone and I sought refuge under a tree!

Vale Breakfast fete was ok, not my favourite. It seemed a bit 'cliqueky' to me. Everyone appeared to know each other, they either grew up together or hailed from the area, so being a foreigner I felt like a third wheel. Again though, good food and lots of drinks. Iwer George performed his hit tune, Come To Meh' and we palanced whilst someone was trying to drench us with a single garden hose. I feel they should use a fire truck hose or two next time! If you going wet us - wet us proper naah!

After Vale was over, only time to get ready for Brian Lara's fete. The ambience at this fete did it for me! Stunning surroundings, well laid out and presented and can I just say the portaloos, oh my god! How amazing were they? I stayed in one for about five minutes. I just stood there marveling at its five star quality. Food glorious food all sorts of food! I heard there was some exotic meat up for grabs for those who dared alligator/antelope or something of the sort.

Lara's fete was a big thumbs up for me. Loved it as it was a good excuse to dress up, look pretty and stand on the lawn watching intimate performances by Destra, Kes, Swappi, Patrice and Machel. It was an amazing night and it was the perfect calm before the madness of j'ouvert and carnival Tuesday. Those two events require a separate discussion of their own.

It was my first time at T&T s Carnival and it was truly spectacular! For me, it really was an A.O.A (above our atmosphere) experience, one in which I will forever be floating on the memories for a lifetime. I'm already thinking of T&T 2012. I seriously don't want to miss it! So I goin' see allyuh on de road!

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