MCAP's Leader Hon Easton Taylor-Farrell Shows He Agrees with PDM's Leader Hon Paul Lewis, But Also Shows He is Out of Touch


Jeevan A. Robinson

Release Date

Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Hon Easton Taylor-Farrell, Leader of the MCAP Party contesting the 2019 General Election on Montserrat has made some utterances that concur with some of the views expressed, as to why the People's Democratic Movement (PDM) should continue in Office under the leadership of Hon Paul J. Lewis.

During his first major presentation as Leader of the PDM, Hon Lewis stated; 

"This PDM Team understands fully that Montserrat, despite our best efforts, will not be sustainable without a Population Growth Strategy. Growing our population will therefore be a priority consideration for my Administration."

Listen to Hon Easton Taylor-Farrell below more or less agreeing with the same point raised by Hon Lewis:

What is further interesting too is the changing conversation of MCAP's Leader Hon Taylor-Farrell, whose Leadership, along with many of his candidates, seems never to be happy when something good is happening for Montserrat. At one stage both Taylor-Farrell and his candidates doubted the £30 million funding for the CIPREG Programme was ever true. Then, when the Governor of Montserrat shut that conversation down, they had no choice but to shift their conversation to something that they thought was more politically expedient.

Hear Taylor-Farrell below doubting the £30 million for Montserrat. The country he wishes to lead:

As it regards Fibre-Optic technology, it would appear that Hon Easton Taylor-Farrell is out of touch with the modern world. He openly admitted to such when speaking about Fibre-Optic technology, where he displayed not having the modernised forward thinking to see for himself the vast opportunities that Fibre Optics will bring for Montserrat.

Listen to Hon Easton Taylor-Farrell speaking about Fibre Optics:

In contrast, during the Leadership speech given on The True Pathway to Prosperity and Sustainability, People's Democratic Movement (PDM) Leader Hon Paul Lewis stated very clearly with regards to Fibre Optics;

"You may have heard some politicians saying that Fibre Optics will do nothing to transform Montserrat. They are wrong and clearly are seeking to mislead you.

The work to be ready for Fibre Optics is already in motion and contract to install the cable signed. Under PDM we have started the work to established a Cyber Security Center and have trained local cyber security experts.

Other work to make sure we are ready for Fibre Optics and the vast opportunities it will bring for our people includes the drafting of Bills to be taken to the Legislative Assembly upon our re-election for a second term. These include:

The Cybercrime Bill 2019

The Data Protection Bill 2019

Electronic Evidence Bill 2019

Electronic Filing Bill 2019

Electronic Funds Transfer (Offences) Bill 2019

Electronic Transactions Amendment Act 2019

Copyright bill 2019

In addition, we have begun the work for the creation of the first ever Montserrat ICT City and Renewable Energy Center. This will be a business park with all the necessary equipment and tech support to allow residents to work anywhere in the world while living on Montserrat. Conversations towards developing training schemes with international companies are already on the way. These are companies based abroad who have indicated they are interested in using our tech labour to provide services once we have the Fibre Optic technology in place and ready to go. The best of both worlds’ ladies and gentlemen – you work in the sun whilst working for a global organisation.

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