MCAP Candidate, Mrs Roselyn Cassell-Sealy Did Not Find Favour With The British. Dr Lowell Lewis' Statement Gives Insight


Jeevan A. Robinson - MNI Media

Release Date

Sunday, October 20, 2019


Many would wish to cast aside the governance history of some of the politicians in the running for elected office on Montserrat during these 2019 elections. But these histories of the Candidates and what they represent in terms of the Governance of Montserrat have a direct bearing on how Montserrat will be perceived by our development partners, both from the UK and from our International funding agencies.

A great amount of work has been done to repair the damage done to Montserrat by The Movement for Change & Prosperity (MCAP) when they held power, particularly in the area of procurement and how monies allocated to Montserrat have been spent.

Today, MNI features part one of research we gave gathered to do with a similar matter of procurement around a Golf Tournaments company, International Pairs, who wanted to do business with Montserrat back in 2008. The individual within the MCAP/Dr Lowell Lewis Coalition with whom International Pairs dealt with was Mrs Roselyn Cassell-Sealy and Dr Lowell Lewis, who was Chief Minister at the time. 

(The KPMG and Chadderton Report with regards to the National Development Foundation under Mrs Cassell-Sealy's Management is another matter also to explore)

Due to what transpired during the exchange of emails with International Pairs, copies of which are in MNI's possession, the British Officials became deeply concerned that MCAP Candidate, Mrs Cassell-Sealy, would be in the running for elected office during the 2009 elections held on Montserrat.

Could it be possible that if MCAP were to be put back into power on Montserrat that they will once again damage Montserrat's standing internationally with Montserrat's funding partners and with the British who are our main funders? 

It would seem as if MCAP's Leadership is comfortable with members of their party who have engaged in the abuse of their authority and positions. There are large issues over several members of MCAP now running for elected office in these 2019 elections on a platform of accountability and transparency.

Below is a statement the then Chief Minister in 2008, Dr Lowell Lewis, wrote with regards to issues surrounding present MCAP Candidate Mrs Roselyn Cassell-Sealy, and the British having alleged concerns over her candidacy. With Accountability and Governance being key issues the British are concerned about over Montserrat, MCAP has done the most to damage the image of Montserrat in this regard.

See the Dr Lewis statement below:



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