Life Throws Curveballs At Us So We Better Learn How To Swing


Ebonie Jones

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Sunday, August 12, 2012


Dealing with a situation that seems to have no resolution, and hurts to the core of your soul. You might be thinking, Life really sucks. Yes, sometimes life does suck, but make that a fleeting thought. Most of the time, it's not the situation that's causing you to think that life sucks. It's how you're dealing with the situation.

By no means am I saying to ignore your feelings. Give yourself a specific amount of time to address your emotions as they come along. Cry and be upset. Shave your head if need be, but then get excited about life. After all, it's only because you're alive that you're able to experience this challenge.

The next time you're in a rut over your challenges, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

Are you placing too much emphasis on what's wrong?
If you place your emphasis on what's wrong, it will seem as though nothing is going right. Each time a possible solution fails, you might start thinking there is no solution. Trust me, there's a solution to every problem. Until you find that solution, be grateful for everything, keep a journal of happy thoughts, try something new, meet new people, keep a list of things that make you happy and add to that list frequently.

Are you confiding in the wrong people?
You just can't tell everyone wiling to listen your business. It just adds to the confusion and sometimes fuels depression. Some people are extremely negative. By the end of the conversation, your problem seems ten times bigger than before. When dealing with challenging situations, only speak to people who will uplift or offer solutions.

Do you have a victim mentality?
Having a victim mentality ensures that you will never enjoy life_ever. Waiting around to be rescued instead of being proactive about your situation will lead to nothing but more frustration and misery.

Are you being impatient?
Some solutions arrive in ten days and others arrive in ten years. What you do while waiting will determine your quality of life. Do nothing but wait and be just as miserable when the solution arrives, or celebrate everything while waiting and have an awesome life anyway. Get off the bench, stay in the game, and have some fun.

Are you staying fierce?
Dance often. Sing often. Laugh much. Find yourself a get happy song. A get happy song is a song you can dance to, sing to, be silly with, and preferably has a heavy bass line. Mine is Beyonc's Get Me Bodied. Y'all know that song turns every sidewalk into a runway, and the listener into a supermodel. Who's that? Who is it? Who is it? It's me.

Editor-in-Chief's Note: Ebonie Jones is an Editorial Contributor with MNI Alive.

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