Jamaica Summer Games Officially Launched in Toronto: Angella Bennett of the JTB and Founder Karl Hale Share More


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Tuesday, July 23, 2019


The launch of the 2019 Jamaica Summer Games took place today downtown Toronto, Canada at the Real Jerk Restaurant.

The Jamaica Summer Games is described as "Bringing Toronto vibrant health and wellness community together for a twist of Jamaica in a World-Class celebration!!"

This new 2-day festival celebrating health and wellness will take place in Toronto, Canada, from August 17-18, 2019.

(Jonathan Power - Retired Canadian Squash Payer; Angella Bennett - Jamaica Tourist Board Canada Regional Director; Daniel Nestor - Retired Canadian Professional Tennis Player,  Karl Hale - Founder of Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation)

The 2019 Jamaica Summer Games is being held to help raise funds for the Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation. The Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation is a charity that seeks to improve the lives of the next generation of Jamaicans and their communities by creating education opportunities and access through investment in infrastructure such as school buildings, and also resource materials and expertise for the youth of Jamaica.

Founder of Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation, Karl Hale, spoke about the Foundation's work at the launch event. He also gave more insight into how the Jamaica Summer Games will assist in the raising of funds for the wonderful work the organisation is doing in Jamaica.

Listen to Karl speak below:

Participants at the Jamaica Summer Games will create their own experiences from an array of activities to include:

  • Health Talks

  • Yoga

  • Entertainment

  • Dance

  • Fitness

  • Pilates

  • Live Music

  • Vendors including food, merchandise, travel, health and wellness

  • Workshops

  • Beach Sports including beach tennis, beach soccer and beach volleyball

The Jamaica Tourist Board is also onboard with the hosting of the Jamaica Summer Games here in Toronto.

Angella Bennett, Regional Director - Canada for the Jamaica Tourist Board spoke of how thrilled she is that these games are taking place here in Toronto; sharing the enthusiasm she feels for the weekend of activities that will be experienced by all the attendees.

Listen below as Angella speaks with MNI Media:

To find out more about the Jamaica Summer Games visit there website and register to participate: https://jamaicasummergames.net/

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