Is Low Cost Airline REDjet Permanently Grounded?

 redjet aeroplane

Kingsley Irish

Release Date

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Barbados has suspended REDjet'sAir Operators' Certificate (AOC) with effect March 20. Trinidad and Tobago's Civil Aviation Authority hasalso revoked the airline's licence to fly to that country.

With these recent setbacks, it does appear that REDjet will no longer be flying high in the Caribbean offering low cost flights. It's adventure into the Caribbean aviation market was short-lived after just ten months being in service.

REDjet's Director, Ian Burns, has indicated that the airline is suffering an $8 million shortfall in order for it to take to the skies once again. REDjet currently employs 90 staff, who now look likely to lose their jobs.

There may be a silver lining yet for REDjet as the governments ofGuyana and Antiguan & Barbuda have pledged their continued support.

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