International Women's Day + Femme: The Power of the Female Form


Alessandra Seca | FFPR

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Tuesday, March 5, 2019


TORONTO - February 2019 - Jessica Lindsay Phillip is branching into Contemporary Art with her latest curated exhibition titled FEMME: The Power of the Female Form. This launch marks a new beginning in both her personal and professional life.

It has been four years since art specialist, TV personality and explorer Jessica Lindsay Phillips’ last collaborative auctions with Waddingtons of the William “Billy” Jamieson Collection. In the past four years, her travels and adventures have taken her everywhere from the trails of Santa Fe, New Mexico to the Costa Brava of Spain, collecting new artifacts all along the way. Her latest curated collection is a thematic exhibition featuring selected art that crosses genres, continents and centuries, all which celebrate the empowerment of the female form. From African beer pots only made by women, energetically charged abstract art, to the raw sexuality found in nature, FEMME celebrates both the power and subtlety found in femininity.

FEMME marks Phillips return to Toronto’s art scene as well as the public eye after the passing of her fianceÃÅ and business partner and Treasure Traders co-host Billy Jamieson in 2011. Jamieson was renowned in the tribal art world for the purchase of the Niagara Falls Museum Collection, Canada’s oldest museum, as well as the purchase and sale of a rare Rarotonga God Staff in 2011.

All pieces in the collection and its artists span the globe and time including a heteromorph female ammonite from Dated to the Lower Cretaceous (145. - 65. mya) in Alpes-de-Hautes-Provence, France, and a grouping of six tangas from the Morojo tribe from the Amazonian basin (800-1400CE). Four contemporary artists will be featured in the show: Candace Wilson, Toronto, Canada, Lekha Singh, Margaret Rinkevich, Telluride, CO and Reisha Perlmutter, Brooklyn, NY.

Many of the works are city inspired pieces that explore unconventional painting techniques such as white on white with the use of gemstones and precious metals, as well as multi-patterned paintings. Shapes and lines are driving forces. This exhibition is meant for you to view the female form in more ways than the social norm.

For the majority of artists, the use of colour is important and often explosive showing skill and overall powerful work. Phillips' interest in colour, exploration, history, interior decorating and curation is apparent in FEMME layout, presentation, and organization. This is the first of many planned special exhibitions planned for the year, all curated around one central theme.

“FEMME” will run at Designers Walk from March 3, 2019 to March 20, 2019. Gallery hours are Monday to Sunday, from 11 am- 8 pm, and by appointment. The exhibition is also available for privately booked tours for social clubs, women’s groups and schools. For additional information please contact Jessica Phillips 416-822-1635

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