International Soca Artist Scrappy Attends Power Of Art Conference in Amsterdam


Release Date

Monday, December 17, 2018


International Soca Artist Garvin "Scrappy" Johnson has recently returned from a Trainers and Practitioners conference that was held in Amsterdam.

The conference was aimed at ways to develop new and sustainable methods for soft skills learning. In addition the Amsterdam conference explored ways how creativity can be used to give disadvantaged young people new impulses and opportunities to create skills and showcase their talent.

Scrappy also met with other organisations in the creative sector and spoke about the power of art and how to use the artform to network and communicate.

He hopes to get disadvantaged young people involved in projects related to carnival, giving them a chance to show the power of their creativity.

The artist also spoke about the artform in Montserrat, regarding the development and marketing of carnival and opportunities to promote Montserrat’s end of year event to organisations in Europe.

This will be the first of many opportunities he hopes to gain since his appointment of Global Carnival Centre Cultural Ambassador.

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