I have No Fight With Those Who Believe In Evolution But My God Lives


Ebonie Jones

Release Date

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I'm not in the business of trying to convince others that God exists, that He is real, that He lives, or that He is true to His word. No one has to convince us that protons, neutrons, or other invisible, unexplainable forces exist. We accept many explanations and theories as universal truths, or at least we can entertain a theory without actually accepting it.

For me, there is no debate between evolution and the Bible. There is no debate between science and spirituality. There is no debate between whether God exists and whether God doesn't exist. It's all a matter of where we choose to place our faith. For me, God is forever present and exists through all eternity. I try to live a Christian life, but admit that I'm a work in progress. I'm not perfect and I'm far from being the best example, but I try anyway. If the opportunity arises, I share my story and I pray that others experience their own personal encounter with God. I try to live my life as a testimony to what I know to be true.

If one thinks it takes much faith to believe in a living God, I think it takes just as much faith, and perhaps even some gymnastics of the mind, to believe in the theory of evolution. To believe that life started from non-life, that complex creatures evolved from simple creatures, and that genetic mutations and natural selection lead to entirely new organisms, require some stretch of the mental faculty.

I know God is real based on my experiences throughout the years. Some experiences I can say, If it had not been for God, where would I be? Yes! I've seen God work out what seemed impossible. Perhaps some might call this the power of intention, the power of manifestation, the power of the psyche, coincidence, or plain old hard work. We can formulate an explanation based on whatever is applicable to our personal beliefs, but I chose to call it the ability of the power of the living Christ to answer my questions, address my needs, and resolve my issues.

I believe this because I know God for myself. If we say we're in a relationship, but never take the time to do relationship oriented things, perhaps we're not in a relationship after all. We have to invest time in developing that relationship. When we spend time in God's presence and communicate with Him, we'll be more aware of the power of Christ. Because I've taken the time to foster such a relationship, I completely believe that God spoke everything into existence, that He created man on the sixth day, that the Bible is infallible, that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and that I'm not here by chance.

If we never experience God, how can we prove to ourselves that God is real? If we never give God the chance to reveal Himself to us, how can we make an informed choice between evolution and a living God? If we took the time to know God, we wouldn't need any convincing, or feel the need to try to convince anyone of anything. We would simply know our truth and live accordingly.

Editor-in-Chief's Note: Ebonie Jones is an Editorial Contributor with MNI Alive

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