HXOUSE & Microsoft Join Forces to Ignite Innovation for Canadian Creatives



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Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Toronto, Canada, March 29, 2019 - The next generation creative incubator, HXOUSE, is thrilled to collaborate with Microsoft Canada to present a new speaking series, IN-HXOUSE CONVERSATIONS: POWERED BY MICROSOFT.

IN-HXOUSE CONVERSATIONS, will feature monthly energetic panel discussions and interactive product and design workshops. The panel series will include central figures within the global creative community sharing in honest discussions on pointed subjects that not only aim to connect and inspire the local creative community, but encourage thoughtful conversations surrounding the burning question of ‘How Will Your Ideas Rise To The Surface?’ Ongoing workshops will allow creatives to explore the intersection of fashion, design, technology and media hosted on Microsoft Surface devices and Microsoft Windows 10 Pro devices.

The monthly panel series kicks off with urban streetwear icon and founder of Acronym Errolson Hughes March 29 followed by a star-studded women’s panel April 1, featuring supermodel Bella Hadid, Founder of Away Luggage Jen Rubio, Founder of Blavity and AfroTech Morgan DeBaun, Actress and Writer La La Anthony, and Co-Founder Tech LadyMafia Animatou Sow, moderated by Olivia Perez.

"Microsoft and its products have been on this ride with HXOUSE since day one. It truly is a full circle journey, I built the blueprint for HXOUSE on a Microsoft Surface Pro 2, from ideation to execution the Microsoft Surface has always been there with me in my global travels,” said Ahmed Ismail, Co-Founder of HXOUSE. “Which is why I am excited to announce that this collaboration is going to be one of the most authentic experiences that the creative community can participate in. With no cost to our audience due to the generosity of Microsoft Canada, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for young creatives everywhere to leverage these workshops and panels to open doors to launch their own ventures.”

“Collaborating with HXOUSE is an exciting opportunity to work with top creative talent and speak to the rising innovators and entrepreneurs in Canada in their own voice,” said Travis Ames, VP, Consumer and Devices, Microsoft Canada. “We believe that our mission of empowering every person and organization on the planet to achieve more aligns perfectly with the work being led by HXOUSE to engage creatives and help enable their potential even further.”

“The HXOUSE and Microsoft collaboration is special for the Canadian creative entrepreneur community because Toronto has not seen a moment like this where global titans of industry are adjusting their schedules to travel, participate, teach and share their insight and wisdom at HXOUSE which truly is a global phenomenon made local. This collaboration will lead to increased morale and optimism for young entrepreneurs in Canada struggling to find their voice. That spark and exchange of fresh ideas will help create new ventures that will ignite our own economy," said La Mar Taylor Co-Founder of HXOUSE and Creative Director for Xo Records. “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Microsoft Canada, who share similar brand values and passionately support the HXOUSE mission of truly giving back and to grow our ever so important and fragile creative ecosystem through inclusion and accessibility to technology.”

The monthly series will be announced on HXOUSE social channels @HXOUSE. Participants interested in gaining exclusive access to participate in the series are encouraged to check back frequently.

More on HXOUSE:

HXOUSE embodies the practice of cross-disciplinary learning, anchored in the core belief that by thinking outside your discipline you can learn how to evolve that discipline. Rather than traditional education, HXOUSE seeks to empower through mentorship and communication, engaging the creative mind through journeys and frank discussions surrounding the process and growth across all creative fields.

The goal of HXOUSE will be to remedy the lack of attention currently offered to the creative arts community, ensuring that one’s economic background or social standing never hinders the access you have to industry leading mentor and coaches, providing advancing opportunities for communities all over the globe build successful and sustainable businesses.

HXOUSE officially opened in November 2018 in partnership with Artscape Daniels Launchpad, a $34 million 35,000 square foot entrepreneurship center in the heart of Downtown Toronto Waterfront area, City of Arts. To date, over 6.5 million people have streamed HXOUSE panels and over 6,500 have participated in our events. For more information on HXOUSE, please visit www.hxouse.com and follow them @HXOUSE

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