How Was Roselyn Cassell-Sealy, MCAP Candidate for Elections 2019 Involved in the National Development Foundation? The KPMG and Chadderton Report Said Laws Were Broken


Jeevan A. Robinson - MNI Media

Release Date

Wednesday, October 2, 2019


Mrs Roselyn Cassell-Sealy is a Movement for Change & Prosperity Candidate (MCAP) for the upcoming 2019 elections to be called shortly on Montserrat.

Mrs Cassell-Sealy is also a past Manager of the St Patrick's Cooperative Credit Union (SPCCU), and also was at the same time, Executive Director of the National Development Foundation (NDF).

Most Montserratians, and especially the younger voters, may not be aware, but there exists a Report called The KPMG and Chadderton Report that looked into the actions of management that rendered the once active National Development Foundation (NDF) defunct. The NDF and the Credit Union were intricately linked.

The NDF was involved in the more high risk business of the joint operation, such as small and entrepreneurial financing using Aid funds given to Montserrat. The Credit Union on the other hand was involved in the banking side of the operation.

Aid Funding was partly provided by The British, European Union and US Aid. The KPMG and Chadderton Report outlines its findings on what led to the destruction of the National Development Foundation by the individual who was Executive Director at the time. That person was Mrs Roselyn Cassell-Sealy.

The Report states that Laws were broken (compliance and Statutory Rules and Orders). It makes for shocking reading that goes to the heart of governance within MCAP, and towards one of their choice candidates for these 2019 Elections on Montserrat.

MNI Media today presents Part 1 of a feature into the KPMG and Chadderton Report, where we publish an extract from last night’s Hardline Programme on ZJB Radio, where Montserrat United Labour Party Leader (MULP), and current Manager of the St Patrick’s Cooperative Credit Union, Peter D A. Queeley, breaks down the glaring issues of mismanagement that ensued at the NDF, and led to its destruction.

Then in Part 2, which we will present at a later date, we will outline other areas of the Report and zero down on its relevance today.

It is noteworthy that just before the 2009 elections, the British who are the ones who provided funding for Montserrat back then and are still doing so today alongside other international agencies - they themselves were appalled at the findings from the KPMG and Chadderton Report, and were in direct objection to the MCAP Candidate now running, being in any way involved in the governance of Montserrat back in the 2009 elections. The facts of the Report speak for themselves. The British objections are also a matter of record.

Part 1 on how the NDF was destroyed featured below:

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