Hoame Meditation Partners with top Canadian University on Groundbreaking Online Mindfulness Program


Release Date

Monday, December 9, 2019


In a unique and ground-breaking partnership, McMaster University Continuing Education and Hoame Meditation are thrilled to present Mindfulness in Modern Society, an online certificate of completion program.

This program is one of the first online offerings through a post-secondary institution, and will provide a comprehensive overview of the history and origins of mindfulness, foundational philosophies of mindfulness and the proven scientific benefits of a mindful practice. Each course will explore modern and clinical applications of this ancient practice, exploring the current societal shift into living more mindfully and how one can apply all of these learnings into their personal and professional lives.

There are no prerequisites for this program and we encourage anyone interested in learning more about mindfulness to enroll. The applications of this type of certificate are numerous.

Research has shown that mindfulness can lead to more effective leadership, so those in managerial roles will particularly benefit. Similarly, mindfulness has been shown to be particularly powerful in boosting creativity and focus, making it a great fit for those in the creative and tech sectors. Additionally, individuals working with people in a clinical and educational capacity such as psychotherapists, social workers, counsellors, educators, nurses, doctors and allied health professionals will find this valuable.

There are two Certificate of Completion streams to choose from:

  • Take 3 of 5 courses – Earn Fundamentals of Mindfulness, Certificate of Completion

  • Take all 5 courses – Earn the Advanced Principles and Practice of Mindfulness, Certificate of Completion.

Hoame is North America's largest modern meditation studio, and the only meditation studio created by two master's level mental health clinicians. Hoame has garnered over 150 million media impressions and over 15 thousand community members since inception in September 2018. Hoame has established itself as a leader in health and wellness and a pioneer in bringing cutting edge and innovative wellness practices to Toronto. Hoame, and its co-founders Carolyn Plater MSW, RSW and Stephanie Kersta MSc, RP have disrupted the status quo of corporate education offerings, bringing modern and inventive programs and trainings to major organizations in Toronto. As mental health, mindfulness, and sleep experts, Stephanie and Carolyn are thrilled to be taking education global with this partnership with McMaster.

As mental health continues to become a priority in the Canadian workplace, and with depression estimated to be the second leading cause of workplace disability in 2020, corporate emphasis on mental health in the workplace is now a necessity. Furthermore, with 1 in 3 adults citing sleep difficulties, and the impact of insomnia and restless nights on corporate output, corporations who invest in their employees' health and well-being are seeing positive impacts on the bottom line, as well as in an improved corporate culture and climate.

Carolyn and Stephanie have worked with leading Fortune 500 companies and their expertise is consistently sought out for print, radio, television and podcast media.

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