Grenada Lures Visitors With Romance


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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


If giving flowers, jewelry or chocolates this Valentine's Day says "been there-done that,"' a trip to the romantic Caribbean isle of Grenada may just be the grand gesture that's in order this year. Known as the Spice Island for the myriad exotic spices that perfume the island, it could just as easily be called the romance island.

"The romance, wedding and honeymoon niche is a good fit with Grenada's tourism product, as the island is blessed with abundant natural attributes that appeal to this target market, said Dr. George Vincent, Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation and Culture. "All three islands that comprise our nation, Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique, offer a wide range of activities and attractions for couples to enjoy including beautiful beaches, tropical rainforest, sparkling clear waters and authentic cultural experiences," concluded the Minister.'

No matter what inspires a couple to feel romantic, they need look no further than Grenada, which boasts numerous places to become enamored with while falling in love all over again, as follows:'

Belmont Estate'
Concord Waterfall'" Serenity seekers will enjoy setting up a quiet picnic overlooking Concord Waterfall where they can enjoy the peaceful sounds of the crystal-clear water gently cascading into a jewel-like pool. Situated at the edge of a lush mountain, the scenic beauty creates the perfect ambiance for nature-loving couples.'

Grand Anse Beach'" If walking hand-in-hand together on a beautiful two-mile stretch of white sand beach is a couple's ideal, Grand Anse Beach on Grenada's southwest coastline is the perfect spot. In addition tos of the turquoise water and the capital city of St. George's, there's access to watersports, restaurants, local vendors and a variety of services and hotels.'

Grenada's Gardens'" Love is in full bloom at any of Grenada's lush gardens, often comprised of heliconias, gingers, musas, anthuriums, orchids, or other rainforest plants which exude colors and scents unique to the three islands.'

These exquisite flowers are representative of Grenada's flora, which continues to be recognized at the annual Royal Horticultural Society's Chelsea Flowers Show for its "Tropical Paradise"' exhibit that has won 10 gold medals.'

Levera National Park'" Lovestruck duos who find romance in sun, sand and relaxation needs look no further than Levera National Park. The Park holds an unbeaten reputation as Grenada's most scenic and spectacular coastal area, acclaimed for the natural beauty of its picture-perfect beach, coral reefs, beds of sea grass and abundant marine life.'

Market Square'" Any pair of shop-a-holics will get a twinkle in their eyes when partaking in the Saturday morning Market Square. Whether in the search of handmade arts and crafts, boutique fashions, island spices or even teas, jewelry or soaps, there are plenty of souvenirs to purchase throughout the market that will satisfy those who might appreciate a little well-earned "retail therapy."''

River Sallee Boiling Springs'" Sweethearts can make a wish for a lifetime of happiness together at the River Sallee Boiling Springs, then toss a lucky coin into one of the springs, which are known for their unusual volcanic geology and said to be nature's wishing wells.

Yachting'" If sailing off into the sunset together sounds like paradise, Grenada is the perfect start for couples wanting to set sail for a trip through the Grenadines. Offering a wealth of inlets and bays for sheltered anchorage, year-round weather, clear waters in which to sail and a wide range of top class facilities and services, Grenada has emerged as one of the premier yachting centers in the region.'

Petite Martinique'" Sail away to tranquility for the day on a catamaran to Petit Martinique. Discover the cultural traditions and romantic landscape of this undiscovered, unspoiled island.'
Carriacou " Sweethearts who are looking to dive into a world of their own can take their romance to the reef in Carriacou. Known as "land of many reefs"' the underwater scenery of Carriacou is breathtaking bursting with vibrant coral gardens surrounded by marine life.'

Bonbon Chocolates Shop'" Finally, if the habit of giving chocolates is simply too hard to break, lovers can pay a visit to the Grenada Chocolate Factory's Bonbon Chocolates Shop at the Belmont Estate. Nestled in lush cocoa groves in Grenada's pristine rainforest, the factory produces high quality organic dark chocolate in Grenada with the island's world famous cocoa beans. The Grenada Chocolate Company pioneered the chocolate- tourism trend when it opened in 1999, offering tours of its factory, farm and Bon Bon Shop in the island's cool rainforest.


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