Dear Amazing West Indian Dad

Happy Black Family

Ebonie Jones

Release Date

Saturday, June 16, 2012


This letter was written especially for you because amazing dads deserve recognition. You deserve the forefront because you are someone's superhero. You work hard; you're a great provider, and most importantly you love being a father. You adore your children. You live to see their beautiful faces, pretty smiles and can't imagine missing a moment as they grow.

You might not know it, but you're well on your way to inspiring change. You're a great example for the next generation. You're showing young men that real men take care of their responsibilities. You're teaching them that real men aren't afraid to show love and be loved. Most importantly, you're showing our young women what type of man they should fall in love with.

They should fall in love with the man who takes care of house and home, the man who makes his children the center of his universe, and the man who puts family first. Yes, a man like you big papa, chief man in charge, protector and keeper of the most precious gifts one could ever imagine.

This Father's Day, we salute you for being present and accounted for. We place you on a pedestal because you've made an earnest effort to be in the lives of your children. We honor you because being an outstanding father requires great commitment and much sacrifice.

Thank you for being a blessing to your children. Thank you for taking your title seriously. Thank you for deciding to be an amazing parent because many have chosen not to be. That makes you exceedingly wonderful and unbelievably marvelous.

Happy Father's Day!


Team MNIAlive

Picture credit to Ashworh Community

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