Corporal Melvin Lindsey returns from Platoon Sergeant Battle Course (Reserve) in the UK


Release Date

Wednesday, September 11, 2019


The Royal Montserrat Defence Force (RMDF) is proud to announce that Corporal Melvin Lindsey recently returned from a training course held for 2 weeks at the British Army Infantry Battle School in Brecon, Wales.

The course ran from 10th - 23rd August 2019.

Mr Lindsey attended this Platoon Sergeant Battle Course (Reserve) PSBC(R) with other military personnel from different branches within the British Military.

His attendance was made possible through support of the British Defence Attaché’s Office based in Jamaica. The course had fifteen (15) participants and Cpl. Lindsey was the only international student present on the course.

The Platoon Sergeant Battle Course (Reserve) is designed to assist the development of Sergeants and potential Sergeants in the skills necessary to function in the role as a platoon Sergeant.

This training course fell within the timeframe of the Platoon Sergeant Battle Course for persons that are within full-time military service. T

he full-time course ran for seven (7) weeks. However, the two (2) week Reserve Training course was a broken down in two sections. These were:

Foundation military skills for week One (1) which focused on classrooms lectures that introduced students to the roles and duties of the Platoon Commander and the Platoon Sergeant in relation to orders extraction, writing and issuing platoon orders

The second part was Offensive Action which was practical and field based, where students spent 4 days completing various exercises under different role appointments ranging from platoon commanders to signallers.

Commanding Officer Major Alvin Ryan has stated that he is very happy with the results of the training opportunity that has been afforded to the force. He has also stated that he is pleased at the accomplishments of Cpl. Lindsey, and is confident that the recently completed training course would be highly beneficial to the Force and Montserrat on a whole.

In addition, Major Ryan is extremely grateful to the British Defence Advisor Lt. Col. Anton Gash for the work he and his office has done in affording the RMDF to be a part of this and other training opportunities during his tenure in office.

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