Catherine Elizabeth Miss Darling Greenaway, Dead At 107

Aunty Darlene

Andrew J. Skerritt

Release Date

Monday, July 23, 2012


Catherine Elizabeth Greenaway, the beloved Miss Darling who delighted generations of Montserratians with her sweet treats, died at home in Olveston, Montserrat, on July 12, 2012. She was 107.

Miss Greenaway was hospitalized for about 10 days before she returned home for two days, then she died, said Sylvester Greenaway, the youngest of her six children.

She was coherent right up to the end. She just basically went to sleep quietly and peacefully, he said. She died the way she lived. She lived quietly and peaceful.

Miss Greenaway was born on December 1, 1904 and grew up in an area between Molyneux and Weekes. For many years, Miss Greenaway picked cotton at the Groves and on estates round the island. After she lost that agricultural job in the mid-50s, she sold sugar cakes, penny frozen joys (Kool aid ice cubes) and roasted peanuts that she prepared in her home on Harney Street.

That obviously helped to put food on the table, Sylvester said. She had to feed her kids.

In 1978, Miss Greenaway emigrated to Toronto, Canada, to live with Sylvester. When she turned 100, she received a number of congratulatory cards, including one from the governor general of Canada. A number of Canadian members of parliament also visited her.

A few dignitaries came by, Sylvester said.

Even after her 100th birthday, Miss Greenaway traveled back and forth between Canada and Montserrat. She resettled in Montserrat in 2009.

Friends and relatives say Miss Darling was easy going until the end. During her 10-day hospital stay, there was a young woman who was writhing in pain on the floor because of kidney stones. When her son came to visit, Miss Darling, weak but coherent, was more concerned about the young woman's plight. She regretted that she was unable to get up and comfort the young woman during a rough night, her son said.

It's telling of the way she lived her life, Sylvester said. She always cared about other people.

Miss Greenaway is survived by three sons, Adolphus Griffith, Sylvester Greenaway and Reginold Greenaway, all of Montserrat; three daughters, Christiana Connor of Anguilla, Eileen Greenaway and Bernice Greenaway, both of England, 15 grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren, and one great great grandchild.

Funeral services will be held 3:30p.m.Tuesday July 24 at St. James Anglican Church.

For those who need a ride to the funeral, beginning at 2:45 p.m, Clifford Ryan's bus will be picking up mourners from Drummonds to Lookout, Judy Piece and St. John's and those along the route to Salem. Eustace Dyer's bus will pick up mourners in the Frith's area.


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