Birdwatching Bonanza: Open Your Ears to Inagua's Aerial Symphony

Inaugua photos, courtesy of Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Investments & Aviation

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Friday, July 5, 2024


Can you hear that? The gentle rustle of palm trees, the spirited symphony of birdsong, and the soothing sonata of waves caressing the shore. Welcome to Inagua, the crown jewel of birdwatching in The Bahamas. Nestled in the lush woodlands typical of this part of the southernmost archipelago, Inagua presents a stunning number of pristine landscapes and vibrant wildlife - a paradise for bird enthusiasts and eager sightseers alike. With over 80,000 flamingos and 140 species of exotic birds, Inagua’s three national parks offer endless opportunities to observe the region’s native fauna and explore their habitats firsthand. From the untouched corners of Great Inagua to the rugged beauty of Little Inagua, this unspoiled paradise calls all adventurers to reach nature’s doorstep and immerse themselves in the unimaginable beauty of The Bahamas. 

Wings of Wonder


Inagua is enchanting and alluring as its skies shine with striking colours and its winds carry the melodious songs of countless bird species. From the majestic West Indian Flamingos that grace its summery shores to the striking Red-footed Boobies that soar above the crystal-clear waters, Inagua offers a birdwatching experience like no other. As you wander through the Bahamian wilderness, keep your eyes peeled for the mesmerizing flight of the White-tailed Tropicbird or the graceful dive of the Magnificent Frigatebird, as they showcase the beauty and diversity of the blue Caribbean skies. Whether you’re an experienced birder or simply an eager adventurer, Inagua promises an unforgettable journey into tropical ornithology. 

Trails and Tweets


Take part in an exhilarating birdwatching adventure amidst the untouched beauty of Inagua’s national parks. As you traverse the island’s picturesque landscapes, be prepared to be swept away by the feeling of discovery that only a self-guided trek can provide. Follow the winding trails through flourishing forests and coastal wetlands, where every turn offers a new encounter with feathered friends. Discover the top-rated birdwatching spots, from calm mangrove hideaways to idyllic tropical shores where migratory birds gather in the winter months. Explore trails like the Pine Forest Trail, where towering Caribbean Pine trees provide shelter to hundreds of bird species, or the Flamingo Pond Trail, offering a close-up view of the iconic pink residents of Inagua. These routes present compelling day trips through the island’s avian paradise, from windy trails to picturesque panoramas.

Beyond Binoculars


Inagua offers more than birdwatching - it’s an impressive destination teeming with endless experiences. While the island’s renowned birdwatching culture takes centre stage, a world of adventure awaits beyond the binoculars. At Union Creek Reserve, Mangroves and an enclosed tidal creek cover nearly 5,000 acres of great Inagua’s northwest shore, creating the perfect natural environment for the endangered Green and Hawksbill Turtles and a captive research site. You will also see large population of wild hogs, goats, horses, and donkeys that have made the island home. Guests can also indulge in the adventurous side of the island by going trawling for deep-sea fish like tuna and wahoo, or snorkeling on the reefs. For avid anglers who enjoy facing off with snook, Inagua is the only island in The Bahamas known for its snook fishing. Between the bonefish-filled flats and the deep waters that surround the island, the opportunities for good fishing abound. To learn more about the island’s origins, explore Matthew Town and discover all the cultural heritage, history and mouthwatering cuisine the island has to offer. A complete island tour includes visits to the National Park for birding and wildlife (including flamingos and wild donkeys), the caves, the Morton Salt facility, the lighthouse and museum. On a clear day, a climb to the top of the 150-year-old lighthouse reveals panoramic views of Inagua and Cuba to the Southwest.


Whether you’re birdwatching, exploring underwater wonders or capturing stunning photography opportunities, Inagua has an adventure for everyone. Explore the vibrant ecosystems teeming with colourful avian species, from the majestic flamingos to the agile hummingbirds, and discover the captivating beauty of Inagua’s natural wonders. For more information, visit

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