A Definition of the Concept of who God or The Creator Is


Yogi Laser

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Saturday, June 1, 2013


Quote from the Holy Bible book of John: "In the beginning was the word, the word was with God and the word was God."

Now here, if you have an open mind of spiritual sense and awareness you can see that John is speaking in a sacred code about the Breath and Man. In the Beginning was the word is the same as saying in the beginning was the Breath or spirit because the Breath is the word or universal, spiritual vibration manifesting in flesh or Man's body as sound consciousness.

A dead man cannot speak words. Man has to breathe the vibration of Breath in order to speak. Breath, spirit or vibrations manifest sound or words in man's body and words then manifest action and reaction, then action and reaction manifest cause and effect, and then cause and effect manifest the Mind, or consciousness.

The word was with God is the same as saying the word was with man because it is man who speaks and writes words, and if there was no man or woman there will not be the word God, so therefore Man is God but he is only mighty, so he is mighty God! And a woman is the mighty Goddess; they are both a manifestation of the Almighty God.

And the word was God is the same as saying and the word was Breath or spirit. Breath is more than just air you breathe, it is a universal spirit or vibration that begins and sustains all creation so therefore the Breath is the Creator or Almighty God, the key of life and not one or three men in one as religious belief claims. It is only the Breath that is here, there and everywhere with you and me where ever we travel. It has the title of oneness so it is truly the Almighty God that will never be seen with the physical eyes but can be recognized by the third eye of inner feeling.

No man will ever see the face of the Almighty God is the same as saying no man will ever see the Breath. Breath is active energy and therefore the Creator or Almighty God is active energy. The Breath is an invisible light and it becomes you and me as different minds vibrating on different frequencies and this is why we think different to each other and must learn from each other. Wisdom can be found even in a fool. We must be careful of what we think, say and do because life is like a circle and everything comes back to you, you do good it comes back to you and you do bad it comes back to you. You cannot plant corn and reap tomato, so always try to do your very best in whatever you do for the kingdom of heaven and hell is a state of mind within you and me.

The world is in a terrible state today, people killing one another and themselves all because of belief and religion; lacking the knowledge of their true identity.

If you understand my concept of knowledge please pass it on to someone else so we can have more people in the world knowing who they are and knowing who the Creator God is, instead of religious mere belief in God Almighty as one or three men in one - saying God the father, son and Holy Ghost is the trinity of creation.

But this is a misconception of the truth, as they have taken out the woman and put 'son' so as to make you think that the Almighty creator is some special man or men who will appear on judgement day and judge who will go to heaven and who will go to hell. The real trinity that creates you and me is Father, Mother and Holy Ghost. The male and female body represents Father and Mother and the Holy Ghost represents the Almighty Breath, spirit or life force energy.

Two men and Holy Ghost cannot make a baby. There must be Man, Woman and Holy Ghost or Breath in union to create a baby. Man is made up of three bodies which is spirit, body and mind. Creation is the generation of active energy and energy is generated with vibration which is also energy. Therefore, energy generates energy into creation because energy is both active and inactive.

Note: This is true inspirational thoughts of knowledge and not a belief from Master Yogi Laser , the Yogi of spiritual light consciousness.

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